A venture capital firm bringing visionary projects to global stages.

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Our approach is to create long term value – thus our mindset is business-centric not transaction-centric.


Our first and fundamental premise is to do good and to look for broader societal benefit and longer term value.


We want to be those you can develop a supportive relationship with, yet bold enough to challenge your thinking in the interest of your businesses success.

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Venture Areas

We are essentially a venture capital firm, but our service offering goes so much further than that.

Whilst we are able to provide funding to companies, we’re incredibly particular about the types of projects we get involved in.






Meet the talent

Across entities and oceans, the Talent 10 team unites to unlock transmedial ecosystems that will change the world. With a combined experience of over 50 years in the financial, investment, and marketing industries, we’ve got the strong commercial aptitude needed to take your burgeoning ideas to market.


More than anything, we are stewards dedicated to growing the communities around us. Insights is our dedicated platform for learning without pretense.

Discover insider secrets and other nuggets of wisdom in our carefully curated collection of content, including our podcast Talent & Tenacity (coming soon).

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