We invest in technology companies providing connectivity across local and global spectrums, impacting all walks of life and increasing inclusivity for all. If you have a tech start-up idea or business that you’re looking to get off the ground, speak to us.

Gaming is about bringing communities together on different platforms, in different landscapes, with different adventures. A journey that is traversed through pixels. Lose yourself in parallel universes and infinite possibilities through the games we create and invest in. Got a good gaming idea? Let us know!

Hair raising, nail biting, goose bump goodness! We invest in companies and build businesses that create content which will be loved for generations to come. We are deeply invested in the South African landscape, from global productions on our shores to taking local productions to global audiences. We bring together quality casting, compelling storytelling and high-end productions to screens around the world. Keep a look out for our new releases. If you have a movie idea that will get us excited, reach out.

Each individual experience matters. No one deserves anything less than a full experience of joy. That is why we invest in things that bring it. We are passionate about creating, sharing and spreading joy. If you have something that sparks joy in the world, we want to hear about it, get in touch.